Unlocking NFT Success: Why Understanding Wallet Portfolio is Crucial for Businesses in the Digital Asset Space

3 min readApr 7, 2023


The rapid rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has opened up a new world of opportunities for businesses looking to tap into the expanding digital asset market. NFTs present unique prospects for companies to generate new revenue streams, broaden their customer base, and foster brand loyalty. Some famous brands like Nike and Tiffany have embraced NFTs as new marketing strategies to engage with millennials.

However, the key to any successful NFT venture lies in comprehending the target user profile or persona. Unlike web2 businesses which gather user data directly on the platform, blockchain allows anonymity for users and on-chain wallet addresses are the most common decentralized identities that represent users’ behaviors and their preferences.

The association of wallet portfolios and user personas lies in understanding the investment behaviors, preferences, and motivations of NFT users. Wallet portfolios provide valuable insights into the types of assets users hold, their risk tolerance, and their investment strategies. For example, on the NFTGo user page, we can see various information, including holding distribution, profit&loss, related addresses, etc., which can be interpreted into various information related to user persona.

By analyzing wallet portfolios, businesses can create more accurate user personas that inform their product development and marketing efforts in the NFT space. Businesses can retrieve wallet address portfolios through our data API, which provides real-time transaction data, historical activities, and NFT holdings to business owners. One of the common use cases of wallet analysis is whale signal or hot money tracking. Whales are highly profitable addresses and their activities are usually interpreted as alpha information.

The association between wallet portfolios and user personas is essential for businesses entering the NFT space. By examining wallet portfolios, businesses can gain valuable insights into the preferences, motivations, and investment behaviors of their target users, enabling them to develop accurate user personas. This understanding allows businesses to create relevant and engaging NFT products, tailor their marketing efforts, and ultimately, maximize their chances of success in the competitive NFT landscape.

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