The vision, mission, and roadmap of NFTGo

5 min readMar 20, 2023

Why We Start NFTGo

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have exploded in popularity in recent years as digital art and collectibles and gained mainstream acceptance. We treat NFT as the next-gen universal standard for digital assets, just like HTML for digital information. However, with this rapid growth, there has come a need for robust data infrastructure and analytics tools to help participants navigate this new landscape. That’s where NFTGo comes in.

In the current NFT landscape, many users are experiencing challenges in effectively navigating the marketplace to identify high-quality NFT projects and acquire valuable NFT assets. Users often lack information regarding project holders, a crucial indicator of a project’s overall health, and other important metrics that are necessary to comprehensively evaluate a project. The absence of such information can lead to missed opportunities and financial losses, causing discouragement among users. Institutional players may also find it difficult to enter the NFT market as there isn’t enough data and information to support their decision-making.

NFTGo is the ultimate solution to resolving these issues. By leveraging data science, AI, and blockchain technology, NFTGo is poised to become the go-to gateway for all things about NFT and benefit everyone involved in trading and utilizing NFTs. Whether you’re a collector, a trader, or simply an enthusiast, NFTGo will provide the insights and tools you need to make smart decisions and maximize your profit.

What Is NFTGo

NFTGo is far more than just a data analytics and trading platform. Our vision is to become the world’s leading NFT data intelligence provider. We aim to build a gateway for Web2 users to enter the fast-growing NFT ecosystem, enhance Web3 users to engage with NFT better, and benefit everyone involved in trading and utilizing NFT.

NFTGo has emerged as a solution provider to assist individuals in making smarter decisions and ultimately achieving higher profitability. Moreover, we provide institutional clients with a repository of aggregated NFT data and intelligence, ensuring preparedness for the next market uptick.

With more than two years of development, we achieved numerous milestones and delivered highly successful products and services within the ecosystem:

  • An all-in-one NFT analytics and trading platform, which allows users to discover, analyze, trade, and track NFT portfolios, all in one place. Learn how to use in three minutes:
  • NFT Data API: A comprehensive and ready-to-go NFT data API.
  • GoRarity: A simple model to calculate NFT rarity(how unique it is) based on Jaccard Distance.
  • GoTrading: An out-of-the-box NFT trading aggregator solution for business.
  • Browser Extension: Enhance users’ NFT journey on Twitter, powered by our data engine.
  • Discord Bot: Discover alpha and check NFT data directly on your discord channels.
  • Prophet: A secret project that tells you about the future.

NFTGo is eager to drive new technologies and push the boundaries of what’s possible. By working closely with our partners and customers, we keep refining our capabilities and unlocking new insights and opportunities that will benefit the entire community.


We break down our development roadmap into three stages:

  • STAGE 1: Build a stable, accurate, and real-time NFT analytics and trading platform. In this stage, users can use the comprehensive data, ranking, indicators, address tags, and insights provided by NFTGo to make more informed trading decisions. In addition, users can use the trading aggregator to quickly buy and sell NFTs, while monitoring their NFT portfolio and profit&loss in one place.
  • STAGE 2: Based on the brand recognition gained in the first stage, we’ll launch enterprise-level products, allowing companies and institutions to trade and utilize NFT in a painless way. Meanwhile, we’ll launch a progressive oracle based on machine learning and smart contracts to achieve a real-time and scientific valuation of NFT assets and enhance NFT liquidity to the next level.
  • STAGE 3: After the first two stages, we shall be able to build a solid and sustainable business model. In this stage, we’ll be committed to leveraging AI technology to optimize strategies in NFT trading, interaction with NFTFi, and participation in GameFi. Alongside this, we will gradually open-source our core models, algorithms, and protocols to encourage more people to build in Web3. Additionally, we will introduce our NFT-focused eco fund, serving as a launchpad for new ideas and initiatives to help accelerate the mass adoption of NFTs. In this way, we are set to convert more Web2 users into Web3 and enable them to benefit from trading and utilizing NFTs.


We believe that NFTs have the potential to revolutionize the way we think about ownership, identity, and creativity. Our team is committed to building a sustainable and ethical NFT ecosystem that benefits everyone, from creators to collectors to investors. By working with industry partners and thought leaders, we aim to shape the future of NFTs and ensure that they remain a vibrant and innovative space for years to come.

In short, NFTGo is more than just a company — we are willing to be an inspirer to activate the imagination and create movements and intelligence. We’re poised to transform the NFT landscape and usher in a new era of possibility and opportunity. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the space or a newcomer just getting started, NFTGo is the go-to platform for your NFT journey.

About NFTGo

NFTGo aims to become the world’s leading NFT data intelligence provider and benefits everyone involved in trading and utilizing NFTs, driven by data science, AI, and blockchain technology.

Our all-in-one NFT analytics and trading platform is unrivaled in the market, empowering users to discover, analyze, trade, and track NFT portfolios with ease, ultimately resulting in higher profitability. NFTGo offers a suite of powerful tools and features including real-time NFT market analytics, trading aggregator, developers API, rarity model, top mints, whale tracking, watchlist, Twitter extension, drops calendar, and more. Moreover, we provide institutional clients with a comprehensive repository of aggregated NFT data and intelligence, ensuring their readiness for the next market uptick. Currently, our platform serves over 2000 institutional customers, 1000 communities, and 2million retail users worldwide.

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To be the world's leading NFT data intelligence provider. 🔭 Benefit everyone involved in trading and utilizing NFTs. 📈