Strategic Partnership Announcement: Partners with

Miami, one of the key global locations for contemporary art is hosting as its headquarter and inviting artistic individuals to express themself. matches the mutual free souls and started its journey on street art NFT aggregation and GameFi platform.

We are excited to announce a partnership with to promote their graffitis and a whole frame of the Metaverse to NFTGo’s community.


STREETH curates, mints & auctions iconic Street Art NFTs by world renowned street artists.
At STREETH we make Street Art tradable, collectable, monetizable and eternal on the Ethereum blockchain.

Backed by Shima Capital, Damo Labs, Metaverse Capital, GDA Capital, CGF, Proxy Ventures, Null Capital, Criterion VC, MVST, Maven Capital, IBC Group and numerous crypto founders, STREETH has a team of eight with 50+ years of combined experience, an Advisory Board of 9 industry leaders renowned globally and seasoned partners.

STREETH is offering iconic graffitis from globally acclaimed artists for sale at auction and for minting. A VR/AR Museum built on the Metaverse will allow fans to access and visit Street Art in virtual reality. A Spray-To-Earn videogame allows users to compete in a live painting challenges with prizes and rewards. A limited-edition Streetwear merch drop will be available for token and NFTs holders only. A staking platform will allow users to passively generate a yield. A 10,000 3D avatars collection used as profile picture by our members and representing our character on the Metaverse and a fully owned Marketplace with live auctions and bidding complete our roadmap.


About is a NFT data aggregator where users can find information about NFT, including NFT Drops, ranking, whale tracking, NFT search engine, market data, transaction data, and many more!

Users may also analyze, airdrop and distribute NFTs. has developed a high-performance NFT cross-chain data acquisition engine, using real-time monitoring on blockchain and multi-level solutions, which can automatically parse the NFT metadata based on mainstream standards, and solve the problem of on-chain data parsing.




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