Strategic Partnership Announcement: NFTGO and Korea University Blockchain Research Institute

As NFT creates a trend in Korean market, Korean companies are eager to join the emerging NFT-based digital blockchain market and artists, museums and digital asset holders are exploring the potential of this field.

The Korean market is enthusiastic about NFTs: ACE, a top-tier Korean boy band, has released a NFT merchandise collection, leading a new trend of fan economy, and the famous Korean Kansong Art Museum has launched NFT artworks. The concepts of collectibles and games have always been deeply rooted in Korean pop culture, especially in the “Korean Wave” entertainment industry. The integration of NFT with games and other areas brings more competitive and interesting NFT business models in Korea.

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At the same time, the concept of Metaverse, one of the major applications of NFT, has re-entered the public view. In Korea, many young people are leading in the path of “Metaverse”, which has inspired many business giants such as Samsung, SK Telecom, and even the Korean government to participate in it., a professional NFT data aggregation platform, dedicates to presenting and analyzing the whole network of multi-chain NFT data, including macro market data, asset data, NFT Drops, whales tracking, etc., and will provide NFT wallet, NFT valuator and other services for the NFT ecosystem, aiming to become the “CoinMarketCap” in the NFT field. is paying close attention to the market opportunities in South Korea and has recently formed a partnership with the Blockchain Research Institute of the celebrated Korea University. This is the first time a top Korean university has cooperated with an NFT data company, and the agreement was signed by LinkCrypto, authorized by Byterum Global, the Singapore-based parent company of

In addition, the Institute and plan to develop a trading platform of NFT and metadata using the core blockchain technology that safeguards personal private data in data transactions.

From left: Professor Inho of Korea University Blockchain Research Institute, South Korean Representative of Link Crypto (CLPS) & Senior Advisor of NFTGO Jaewon Shin

Inho, professor of the Blockchain Research Institute of Korea University, said, “NFT is a digital asset that can be traded as a blockchain-based digital ownership in an environment such as the metaverse, and the NFT market has grown nearly 20 times this year. Based on data and scientific analysis, the international joint research between the two parties can be very meaningful. Especially, the NFT market relying on blockchain technology can promote music, video and art, combined with the creativity of the post-90s generation, on a global scale, which will create many new jobs if public and private investments are made.”

Shin Jae-won, CEO of LinkCrypto Korea & NFTGO Advisor said, “ is currently working closely with global research institutions, universities, and other organizations to collect and analyze NFT data and explore business opportunities. Through the collaboration with Korea University, we hope to gain a foothold in Korea, promote NFT industry development and seek new business opportunities.”

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