Strategic Partnership Announcement: NFTGO and DAS

Dear Goers,

We are delighted to announce that NFTGO builds a strategic partnership with DAS — — A cross-chain decentralized account system. supports resolving .bit accounts, and providing NFT data support for DAS ecosystem. With a shared vision to facilitate integration, improve aggregation and stimulate growth in the NFT ecosystem, the integration of NFTGO and DAS will mutually benefit both platforms.

NFTGO and DAS will be hosting an AMA Event in NFTGO official Telegram.

⏰Time:20:00, Oct 13 (UTC+8)

💰10 free .bit accounts for 10 winners! 👏 The prize is worth $50

👇To Enter

1⃣️Follow NFTGO and DAS on Twitter

2⃣️Like, RT, Tag 3 friends

3⃣️Comment your question

About DAS

DAS is a cross-chain decentralized account system.

It can be used as a digital currency collection account, as a domain name, or as an account to access general internet services. DAS has powerful cross-chain capabilities and supports ETH/TRX and any other public chain address.

hi.bit, 你好.bit, こんにちは.bit, 🚀🌕.bit, 안녕하세요.bit, Привет.bit and Bonjour.bit are all DAS accounts.

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Users may also airdrop and distribute NFTs. NFTGO has developed a high-performance NFT cross-chain data acquisition engine, using real-time monitoring on blockchain and multi-level solutions, which can automatically parse the NFT metadata based on mainstream standards, and solve the problem of on-chain data parsing, stable performance and the problem of poor liquidity.

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