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3 min readNov 7, 2022

Dear community, was launched as an NFT data aggregator last August. In less than a year, we have released over 20 features and tools, including Trading Aggregator, Watchlist, Developers API, and keep challenging ourselves to build better products, and to add value to users within the NFT ecosystem.

We are excited to announce our new branding, brought to you through the revamp of our homepage. It showcases’s ambition to be users’ entry gateway to NFTs, where we redefine the NFT experience to start from Discovery, Analytics, Trade, to Portfolio Management.

To celebrate this milestone with our community, is launching a loyalty program, where all test campaign participants can join after completing test tasks. By joining our loyalty program, members will be eligible for exclusive whitelist giveaways, campaigns, and airdrops held by and its partners.

Campaign Information

Campaign Period: 11.07–11.25

How to Participate in the Test Campaign?

Step 1: Get the Test Candidate role in Discord.

There are multiple ways to qualify for the Test Candidate role to take part in this the test campaign.

  1. Exclusive Giveaways from Partners.
  2. Specific Discord Roles: To thank our early supporters, our discord members with the Pioneer, Beta Tester, Server booster, Annual Report Sponsor roles are eligible for the Test Candidate role.
  3. Raffle: Join our Raffle through the banner on our homepage, fill in the google form and winners will be randomly drawn. Winners will then be informed via email.
  4. Twitter Spaces: We will be giving away a time-sensitive & quantity-limited discord link for all listeners who join our SuperSpace on Twitter starting from Nov 9! Follow our Twitter @nftgoio and set a reminder for our spaces!

Step 2: Complete the Test Tasks with our Beta Link

After obtaining the Test Candidate role, you will be given a test link to’s new version. The beta test tasks include:

1. Connect your wallet and create a watchlist on our website

2. Complete the internal testing feedback questionnaire

Step 3: Upon Completion of Test Tasks, Claim your OAT on Galxe


  • To avoid bots, we will only be issuing OAT to qualified addresses: addresses that have at least 3 transactions on the Ethereum mainnet.

Loyalty Program Benefits

Users who have completed the test campaign and joined our loyalty program will receive a Tester role in our Discord. These users can enjoy exclusive quality whitelist (WL) giveaways, future exclusive campaigns, or airdrops held by and its network of partners.

For users who completed our questionnaire and provided constructive feedback pertaining to our website, they stand a chance to obtain a Contributor role in our Discord.

Users with the Contributor role can obtain the Soulbound Token (SBT) in the future. SBT Holders can gain access to exclusive WL giveaways, airdrops, and early access to our genesis NFT (Might be achieved through an easily obtained whitelist raffle).

Note: The campaign is a fast track to a Contributor role. After this campaign, it will be more difficult to obtain a Contributor role.

For testers who are huge influencers, key partners, and core users that actively share our content and participate in our events, they will have a chance to receive an Influencer role in our Discord.

On top of tester and contributor benefits, influencers will have the earliest access to our genesis NFT (It might be directly whitelisted or be achieved through an easily obtained whitelist raffle).

About is a leading NFT aggregation platform that enables its community to analyze NFT market data, transact and manage their portfolio all in one place. offers a wide range of powerful tools and features including NFT market analytics, real-time listings, rarity, whale tracking, watchlist, drop calendar, and trading aggregator. It empowers its users to discover, trade, and manage NFT assets, serving 500+ institutional customers, 1,000+ communities, and 1M+ retail users worldwide.

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