NFTGO Released!

Dear Goers,

After months of work we are finally here, NFTGO is alive now!

This marks the beginning of a professional NFT data aggregation platform for NFT beginners, buyers and researchers, and we couldn’t be more excited to see its impact on the NFT ecosystem.

Click here to start your NFT journey.

For those who are unfamiliar, NFTGO is an aggregator that collects and visualizes real-time data around NFT asset trading volume across the chains, specifically Etheruem, Flow, BSC, Polkadot, etc. You can gain a comprehensive understanding of NFT market trends, and optimize your NFT purchase and investment decisions through NFTGO platform.

What’s the unique features NFTGO offers?

A Clear Visualization of Market Data

NFTGO provides you with any information on the NFT project they are looking for, such as past owners, transaction times, contract, metadata, ranking and asset categories. Also, you can have access to live information, share it to friends or their community members, and judge its popularity by the number of likes.

You can also get information on its market performance, and improve your investment decisions based on the statistics of traders, total value, volume, NFTs launched, holders and liquidity.

Specific information on any NFTs can also be found, including the value of the hottest trending NFTs, recently created NFTs, and pricing of different NFT assets by category.

Also,NFTGO provides a multi-dimensional ranking list of NFT-related indicators, which can help you:

  • Discover high-value NFT projects and assets;
  • Track NFT whales;
  • Evaluate the investment value of NFTs and NFT tokens;
  • Trace NFT owners and whales across the network.

A Powerful NFT Search Engine

NFTGO aggregates high-quality NFT assets and builds special indexes based on cumulative data, which allows you to search for the entire spectrum of NFT assets in one platform, and make one’s exploration of the NFT world more convenient and efficient.

A Typical MarketPlace Aggregator

On top of providing asset search function, NFTGO aggregates all the NFT information from major marketplaces to different projects. The function can enable you to get in-depth, comprehensive information on NFT trading, and, more importantly, to get better purchasing experience with greater accessibility and efficiency.

A Combination of Basic and Advanced metrics

NFTGO has provided a detailed definition and description of the data indicators and calculation of the NFT market. For details, please refer to the following description.

Basic metrics cover price, market cap, collection, transaction, volume, liquidity, trader and holder.

Advanced metrics include collection popularity index, collection value index and NFT popularity index. All these three metrics are relative indicators that refer to a range of impact factors. The presentation of them requires the data aggregated in NFTGO.

Take the project popularity index for example, it measures the popularity of a project. Its calculation metrics partially refer to NFTGO’s internal data.

With NFTGO’s formal release, we are on a new journey to explore the NFT world. Thanks to all of our community, investors, and supporters who help us make it. We welcome all users with interest to join us in our journey. Let’s build the gateway to NFT ecosystem together!




The best all-in-one NFT analytics platform

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The best all-in-one NFT analytics platform

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