NFTGO New Listing — — 31 October 2021

We’re excited to welcome new projects to NFTGO today!

Women and Weapons

Women and Weapons is a collection of 10,000 diverse, beautiful, and badass women NFTs. The 200+ attributes that make up these assets were painstakingly hand-drawn by notable artist Sara Baumann a.k.a “Sparky.” Each stroke was a labor of love that took months of planning to assemble. This is a chance to own a piece of her biggest and boldest art collection ever.


Rings Genesis by Nick Kuder

The Collection that Inspired a Movement.

This iconic collection, by art professor and graphic artist Nick Kuder, is an ongoing series of artworks. It was initially created in February 2019 using a system-generating-system to create unique glyphs.



512 generative sketches exploring curl noise, colour and constraints.


Boonji Project

Boonji Project, launched on the Ethereum blockchain, is a collection of unique digital non-fungible tokens created by world-renowned artist Brendan Murphy. Your Boonji Avatar NFT not only serves as a piece of collectible digital artwork, but also as a passport that allows you to travel through an unexplored galaxy with the Boonji Spaceman.



ALPACADABRAZ are a unique alpaca subspecies that have been living in a long undiscovered paradise. One unfortunate day, they were captured by farmers who abused the ALPACADABRAZ’ special abilities. Luckily, some ALPACADABRAZ managed to escape and survive, unfortunately over 9000 ALPACADABRAZ weren’t so lucky. The living alpacas are full of animations, while the deceased alpacas are now stored as jpegs forever.


ASM AIFA Genesis

The world’s first Non-Fungible Intelligence premiere by Altered State Machine.

10,000 unique Genesis Boxes; with 1 unique Artificial Intelligence ASM Brain 🧠 and 4 unique AIFA All-Stars in each box.



Halloween Bears are a collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFT on Ethereum Blockchain. Stealth launched on 12th of October 2021. The bears are living in a harmony through DAO, allowing its far distant cousins to seek asylum. The team will work endlessly to expand its safe haven and innovate the project features and utility. Be part of the Bears and make a difference.


Wonky Stonks

Wonky Stonks is the first of its kind; a fully generative, financially-inspired NFT collection for investors, traders, and quants alike.



At the top of Mt. Olympus grow the fungi of the gods: MUSHROHMS

Meditating in infinite ohming bliss, these enlightened creatures will one day reach down from the mountaintop to change the consciousness of this world and beyond!

Join the movement by becoming a Mushrohmie and participating in future Mushrohm events like cross-chain sporedrops, collaborations, community POAPs, and more!


Wall St Bulls

Wall Street Bulls is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Inspired by the Wall Street degen culture, The Wall Street Bulls have a roadmap packed with some of the most unique utility. Your Bull doubles as membership into the upcoming Options Market;


Filaments — Generative Pixel Art

Filaments is infinitely animated. If you left it running for 100 years, it’d still show you something unique.

You can make a Twitter banner (or profile pic background, etc) with it at the press of a button.


The Superlative Secret Society

Superlative Secret Society are collectible #NFTs inspired by primary personality traits. SuperlativeSS has been built by a passionate team and a powerful grassroots community. The project offers incredible utility and is dedicated to supporting the next generation of artists.


Nifty League DEGENs

Our mission is to create a leading NFT gaming platform through community governance and development. Nifty League prides itself on being one of the first GameFi platforms offering interactive play-to-earn games with customizable characters.

Advance your gaming skills and join our community to earn daily NFTL rewards from the Nifty DAO!


The Family Mooks by Doodle Labs

Doodle Labs is dedicated to bringing established IRL artists and brands to the blockchain. Our platform is powered by Art Blocks’ generative minting technology, bringing you high quality collectible NFTs written on-chain.


NFTGO would list all NFTs that meet our standards and provide our users with the gateway to discover, trade and analyze NFT assets.

To list your NFT project on NFTGO, you can begin with this form.

If you have any questions, you can send your requests to or join our discord and our group admin will be there to answer your questions.



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