NFTGO New Listing — — 25 September 2021

We’re excited to welcome new projects to NFTGO today!

Crypto Hobos

The most insane NFT collection ever! 8000 NFTS are made from a combination of more than 200 traits, hand-drawn in a very specific technique invented by artist Valiahmed Popov. Crypto Hobos are live on the Ethereum blockchain in form of ERC-721 tokens.



(art)ificial is an art studio that explores the boundaries of technology and art. Our first project is Galaxy Eggs — a generative collection of 9,999 Eggs of the metaverse that live on the Ethereum Blockchain. Our Art Director, Gal Barkan, has been creating futuristic and sci-fi art for the past 20 years — this collection is the culmination of a lifetime of work on one hand, and the beginning of a new chapter in taking part in the creation of the metaverse. For more info about (art)ificial and Galaxy Eggs, visit —


Bad Kids Alley Official

8,888 collectibles illustrated by @UnstableKido



Flowtys are 10k unique characters animated at 12 frames per second. All animation frames were carefully drawn by hand.


Non-Fungible Heroes

The Non-Fungible Heroes are an NFT collection brought to you by the BBCo team to educate, entertain, and inspire. Spawned through community engagement, the creative universe extends beyond the imagination, seeking to beguile and bewilder those intrepid travellers who bravely surf the new frontier of the internet.


Dapper Dinos NFT

Dapper Dinos are a collection of 9,999 randomly generated dinosaurs roaming the Ethereum Blockchain. Dapper Dinos was founded with the idea of being a family-friendly, kid-loveable, hyper-collectible, and fun to look at collection of Dinosaur NFTs! This project was started to give back to our kids and the mantra of charity and community is woven through the project.



Claylings is a 4,040 edition generative art project, which draws its aesthetic from the likes of Chicken Run, Wallace & Grommit or Neverhood, calling back to ’90s nostalgia.

Short film in the works 📺


0xVampire Project

0xVampire is a collection of randomly generated NFT characters living on the Ethereum blockchain. 9,999 0xVampires are created from over 200 hand-drawn traits.



WALTZ is a collection of 10,000 unique artworks, each consisting of petals dancing in the wind.

WALTZ is fully minted! This artwork is fully onchain: the code that produces the animation, the description, and the name are all stored onchain.


Lazy Lions

Lazy Lions is the NFT community for 👑’s

Why do they give us so many words for this description? We’re lazy.


888 inner circle

8,888 Editions of the Genesis NFT from 888 to celebrate the milestone of 88.8K followers on Twitter.


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