x MEGAMI Partnership is extremely thrilled to announce the strategic partnership with MEGAMI, a top-class NFT project produced by lead artist Naoki Saito and his team, striving to build an excellent community for creators, supporters, and illustrations. x MEGAMI Partnership Details

As both and MEGAMI are aiming for sustainable growth of the Web3 ecosystem, alongside their community members, we have decided to work together to further expand mutual business services and the broader NFT ecosystems. With this new partnership, we will be looking to host various events, activities and bring more opportunities to the communities of the NFT ecosystem. So do stay tuned as we update you guys with more exciting news on our social media.


MEGAMI is a collection of 10,000 generative PFPs designed by the talented illustrator and charismatic YouTuber Naoki Saito, whose most famous works include his illustrations for the Pokémon TCG and the characters he designed for Nintendo’s “Dragalia Lost”.

Through his series of collections, Naoki Saito has been depicting his hopes and dreams that he wishes to achieve through Web3. With his first collection on Foundation, GESTURES, Saito expressed his dream of having artists receive fair benefits for their pieces, all without being unfairly exploited. In his second collection, BRILLIANT, Saito displayed his hope of allowing artists to make the most out of their creativity, in an un-restricted innovative environment. And the last collection, MEGAMI, Saito displayed his desire for a future where everyone believes in themselves and their capabilities.

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