The NFTGo team attended the BLOCK MOUNTAIN 2022, which is the largest blockchain event in North Thailand. The event spread out at the Science and Technology Park Chiang Mai University on Saturday, April 9, 2022, from 9:00 AM — 6:30 PM.

At the conference, there were a number of great panel discussions with speakers about NFTs, GameFi, Metaverse, and DAO. Some of the biggest players in crypto were in attendance. Dan Tran — — the Global Business Director of NFTGo, joined the discussion with SeaX and shared an overview of industry trends, insights, and NFTGo products. The winner of the Blockathon @(Hackathon that was organized by SeaX) also joined as another speaker in the panel discussion. “We’re really excited to have the opportunity to connect with many people and platforms during the event.” Said Dan Tran: “ hopes to dive deeper into all these new potential partnerships on the Southeast Asia market in the near future. For everyone in the NFT community, you can definitely expect to see more exciting developments on NFTGo so make sure to stay tuned!”

The event scene was quite impressive in that it made it possible for anyone who had an interest in crypto to attend, network, and learn. Each attendee was interested in learning more and contributing to burgeoning NFT communities and brand new web3 ecosystems.

About NFTGo is an NFT data aggregator where users can find information about NFTs, including NFT Drops, ranking, whale tracking, NFT search engine, market data, and much more! has developed a high-performance NFT cross-chain data acquisition engine, using real-time monitoring on blockchain and multi-level solutions, which can automatically parse the NFT metadata based on mainstream standards, and solve the problem of on-chain data parsing.

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