NFTGO AMA Recap — September 2021

We want to thank each of you for your constant support and trust.

With great pleasure and enthusiasm, we’d like to share a vivid picture of eight amazing AMA sessions held in September with different communities all over the world. Our marketing manager — — Simon answered all the community questions on our various topics related to both the platforms, its goals, mission, partnership, and more.

We select all key questions and below is an overall recap of the eight AMA, for the NFT pioneers who couldn’t make it, or for anyone that’s interested. Feel free to have a read!

Q: Can you give a brief introduction of what NFTGO is? What is it aiming to do, and what it intends to solve in this industry?

A:NFTGO is the CoinMarketCap of NFTs. NFTGO is a data aggregator where users can find information about NFT, including market data, transaction data, coin data, and many more!

This is our website:

NFTGO currently serves users in the digital currency community, and will extend to traditional industries in the future by empowering the digital transformation of pan-entertainment industries such as traditional art, games, and fan economy.

NFTGO has developed a high-performance NFT cross-chain data acquisition engine, using real-time monitoring on blockchain and multi-level solutions, which can automatically parse the NFT metadata based on mainstream standards, and solve the problem of on-chain data parsing, stable performance and the problem of poor liquidity.

Q: On your website I did not find your roadmap but I would like to know what NFTGO is currently working on? What can we expect from NFTGO for the rest of 2021?

A: Currently, NFTGO is working on the development of our products and we also do a lot of AMAs to expand our influence. And we are big believers in the community, I think in the NFT market if you want to succeed, you have to make sure your community is strong, active and vibrant. We have our own community and multiple media channels, hoping to attract new users and participants constantly.

In the rest of 2021, NFTGO will launch more powerful whale tracking analysis, more scientific Rarity evaluation model, MarketPlace data analysis, NFT Drop Calendar and other functions, and connect more chains to collect more comprehensive NFT project data.

Q: With such a big and distinctive future forecast or goal that the NFTGO ecosystem has to become an NFT “Disney Land” to create a virtual economy that integrates with the entire experience surrounding NFT, the What strategy or mechanism will be implemented to achieve this goal?

A:NFTGO has always maintained the determination to develop and iterate simultaneously with the market-this is very important.

Today’s NFT market is changing rapidly, and no fixed product architecture can permanently adapt to it. NFTGO’s products are iteratively fast: We always pay attention to industry development, dig deep into industry hot needs, and then put it into our products.

This shows that we will not just stay in the current NFTGO framework for repairs, we will always adjust our product framework according to the industry. NFTGO is always worth the expectation of the market.

Q: What is the competitive advantage of your project? Can you point out the strengths of your project that other projects do not have to attract investors?

A: NFTGO have many advantages:

  • More in-depth and scientific exclusive index design — — provide deeper industry/project insight;
  • Faster and more continuous project access process — — maintain the access speed of about fifty high-quality projects per month;
  • Always maintain the determination to develop and iterate synchronously with the market — continuous product optimization based on changes in market conditions;
  • NFTGO is completely free.

Q: I read that NFTGO has reached an agreement in partnership with imToken as a strategic partner to build a joint NFT ecosystem. What are the benefits of this partnership? and what positive impact will NFTGO have on users from this?

A:This will be a great opportunity for users with interests and demands in exploring NFT market and managing NFT assets.

The collaboration will be focused on NFT data and technical integrations. With a shared vision to facilitate integration, improve aggregation and stimulate growth in the NFT ecosystem, the integration of NFTGO and imToken will mutually benefit both platforms.

NFTGO will partner with imToken on technical integretion, and support imToken with NFT data, including data interface, NFT industry report, data service. imToken will integrate NFTGO into its resource list and support all NFTGO users with links to imToken wallets, improving the presence, management and investment of NFT assets.

We’re super open minded and we’re definitely ready to consider more mutually-beneficial partnerships that will bring the value to the product and our community.

Q:How do you plan to do some outreach in countries where English is not good? Do you have a local community to make them better aware of NFTGO?

A:Yea definitely. NFTGO is a global team. Our members are distributed in the United States, South Korea, China and other places. Currently we plan to reach out to communities in many different regions, such as China, South Korea, the United States, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe through our existing partners. In the near future, it will include Africa and Southeast Asia.

We are currently working with some local community managers to help us build local communities and promote localization. At the same time, the NFTGO official website is also planning to launch a multilingual version to facilitate more users.

Q: I understand that NFTGO is only a “data provider” platform for those who wants to research all about NFTs. Even though this is your project’s purpose, would you still consider developing and minting your very own NFT and sell it to the public someday? It would be nice to see your direct participation towards the NFT craze!

A:Actually NFTGO already has its NFTs , called NFTGO Pioneer.

Holders of the NFTGO Pioneer NFT can unlock NFTGO paid services and data, as well as enjoy some future airdrop benefits and Discord exclusive membership channels.

Actively participate in NFTGO community activities, and you will have the opportunity to win the NFTGO Pioneer NFT!

Q: Can you briefly introduce the search engine of NFTGO?

A: NFTGO has a powerful search engine that supports users to use natural language to search for NFT assets and NFT projects; at the same time, users can directly search for the whale addresses on NFTGO to know their holdings.

Q: How does NFTGO generate revenue? What is the profit model?

A: NFTGO’s profit model revolves around contributing value to the NFT industry, and is divided into three sections: traffic revenue, data service revenue, and open API revenue.

We will provide users with high-quality advertising services and channel services to help NFT project parties accurately acquire customers; at the same time, we will open higher-end data services for users to help users better obtain the latest NFT market trends;

In addition, we will also provide developers with API and oracle services, and provide the latest value of NFT for a variety of business scenarios.

Q: Can you tell us sir what the special thing about your project and what makes different from other similar projects?

A:For our special features, I want to mention liquidity and whales function.
If you are searching for NFT investments that can gain profits in a short time, never miss exploring liquidity on NFTGO.
Besides, NFTGO provides NFT whales rankings, through which users can know lots of information of whales, including whale holdings, holding value and making better investment decisions.

Q:How can users track the latest news of NFTGO?

A:NFTGO has its own Twitter account, and has also established its own community. Following our social accounts and joining our community are both great ways to learn about and participate in our project. We welcome users to follow our social media accounts, where the latest news about NFT, special articles and news of benefits will be posted in real time. Users will not only be able to get a comprehensive understanding of our product, but will also have a deep and unique insight into the NFT market.

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