New Function is Going Live: NFT Drops

With more people jumping on the bandwagon, NFT drops have become increasingly common and are now something you see every day. NFTGO now introduces the new NFT Drops function to allow for easy viewing of new NFTs in the market.

The function is now officially live! See new drops by scrolling down on the main page until you see the NFT Drop section.

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What exactly is an NFT drop? The concept of an NFT drop is similar to your favorite singer dropping a new album. On the day of the drop, you’ll be able to purchase it from the market. When an NFT is “dropped”, it simply means that an NFT project is released for minting. The only difference is that each NFT is unique and not interchangeable, investors might want to watch for forthcoming NFT drops to be the first one on the scene to buy. Purchasing at drop time is a great way to save money as well.

Each piece of drop information includes essential details like date, time, and the minting price of the NFT.

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On NFTGO’s NFT Drop page, users will find a brief description of each newly or soon-to-be dropped NFT. A tag is also displayed below the name of the project to give users a clearer understanding of the category it belongs to.

Click on the ‘View All’ button and a description will be shown to help users better understand what the NFT is about.

Take PugFrens for example, it is a collectible built upon the Ethereum blockchain. 8787 NFTs will be issued under this project on 23:00 September 30, 2021. A countdown timer is also included for each new drop.

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The gateway to minting an NFT is at the bottom right corner of each NFT column section to allow for a quick redirection to the minting website. The project’s website, Twitter, and Discord community are only one click away at the bottom left corner of each section.

If you have a new project dropping soon, you may submit it for review by clicking the ‘Submit’ button (or this link) at the top right corner. The NFTGO team will attend to your request as soon as possible.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us through this email: or join our Discord community if you have any inquiries.

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