Introducing NFTGo Data Partner Program

5 min readMar 16, 2023

Now Onboarding the First Batch till April 15, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that NFTGo, the leading NFT analytics, and trading platform, has launched its Data Partner Program to support NFT projects in building thriving and interactive communities. By leveraging NFTGo’s powerful data engine, partners can gain valuable data insights, develop data dashboards, and receive marketing support to promote their projects to a wider audience.

What is the NFTGo Data Partner Program?

The NFTGo Data Partner Program is a partnership program that enables NFT projects to access NFTGo’s data engine and resources. This allows NFT projects to gain valuable insights into their NFT performance, market trends, trading activities, and develop better strategies to grow their communities.

The program will onboard projects in batches to ensure that we provide the best data services and experiences for our partners. The first batch registration will take place from March 23 to April 15 to onboard 30 projects.

Why do we launch it?

NFTGo is committed to driving new technologies and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the NFT ecosystem. Our mission is to benefit everyone in the NFT space by unlocking new insights and opportunities powered by data. Since our establishment, we have launched a range of products and services, including data indicators, wallet tracking, trading aggregator, API services, and most recently, open-sourcing our rarity model, GoRarity. By working closely with partners and customers, we can keep refining our capabilities to achieve this goal.

Our vision is to be the world’s leading NFT data intelligence provider. Through our innovative approach to data analysis and market intelligence, we aim to help NFT projects achieve their goals and grow their communities and benefit everyone involved in trading and utilizing NFTs. That’s why we launched the NFTGo Data Partner Program, providing data services and growth support for all NFT projects. We believe that by working together, we can drive the evolution of the NFT ecosystem and unlock its full potential for everyone.

What are the benefits of becoming the NFTGo Data Partner?

NFTGo Data Partner Program offers several benefits for NFT projects that join the program, including:

  • Valuable data insights: Partners gain access to NFTGo’s powerful data engine, enabling them to gain valuable insights into their overall NFT performance, and better understand their NFT holders and communities. This also allows NFT projects to provide informed insights to their communities and assist them to make data-driven decisions.
  • Marketing and growth support: NFTGo supports partner projects by co-marketing them on NFTGo’s official Twitter account or affiliated accounts at various milestones of their project, including partnership announcements, Twitter Spaces, exclusive project analysis tweets, and so on to get exposure to global markets, including America, Europe, LaTam, Japan, China, and South Korea. Plus, projects could also get connected with other partners and resources within the NFTGo partner ecosystem.
  • Early access to new data services: Partners could gain early access to new data services as they are developed, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve and keep up with the latest trends in the NFT ecosystem.
  • Additional exposure: Partners can also benefit from additional exposure to NFTGo’s audience by being featured in our weekly newsletter, podcast, and research report, reaching even more NFT enthusiasts and potential community members. With NFTGo’s powerful community Discord Bot, projects could also easily bring their NFT news to 1000+ discord alpha communities.

How to Join?

The first NFTGo Data Partner recruitment plan is now underway, and you have until April 15th to apply for one of only 30 coveted spots in the program.

Just fill out the quick and easy sign-up form and after you submit your application, we’ll be in touch shortly to discuss your eligibility and next steps. 🔗

To be qualified for the program

To be eligible, your project must:

i. Be listed on the website (check to see if you are listed)

ii. Quote our data on social media

iii. Deploy our Discord Bot in your community

iv. Deploy the Data Widgets on your site OR use NFTGo Data API to build your dashboard OR use NFTGo as your Data Portal Entrance

Plus: NFTGo Data Partner Ambassador

To appreciate our loyalty program members, we’ve got some special perks in store just for you.

If you recommend other projects to our Data Partner Program and they fill in your Discord ID on the application form, you’ll have the chance to score some fantastic limited edition NFTs and even a special role【Data Partner Ambassador】in our vibrant community.

Please note that during the first phase of this program, we will limit participation to users within the following roles in the NFTGo community:【Go Knight】【Go Guardian】【Year of the Rabbit】【Go Contributor】【Go supporter】【General】【Annual Report Sponsor 2022】【Annual Report 2023】

As the world of NFTs continues to grow and evolve, it’s more important than ever to have the right tools and resources at your disposal. Whether you’re a seasoned NFT pro or just getting started, we’re confident that our program has something to offer.

Apply now and join a select group of NFT innovators who are paving the way for the future of the industry. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create!

About NFTGo

NFTGo aims to become the world’s leading NFT data intelligence provider and benefits everyone involved in trading and utilizing NFTs, driven by data science, AI, and blockchain technology.

Our all-in-one NFT analytics and trading platform is unrivaled in the market, empowering users to discover, analyze, trade, and track NFT portfolios with ease, ultimately resulting in higher profitability. NFTGo offers a suite of powerful tools and features including real-time NFT market analytics, trading aggregator, developers API, rarity model, top mints, whale tracking, watchlist, Twitter extension, drops calendar, and more. Moreover, we provide institutional clients with a comprehensive repository of aggregated NFT data and intelligence, ensuring their readiness for the next market uptick. Currently, our platform serves over 2000 institutional customers, 1000 communities, and 2million retail users worldwide.

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To be the world's leading NFT data intelligence provider. 🔭 Benefit everyone involved in trading and utilizing NFTs. 📈