How can you use a sale-to-listing ratio (Sales/Listings) to trade NFTs?

3 min readFeb 1, 2023

The sale-to-listing ratio (SALR) is a metric that is used to measure the liquidity and demand of a market. It is calculated by dividing the number of sales in a given period by the number of listings in that same period.

It is generally used to evaluate the real estate market by comparing the number of homes sold to the number of homes that are listed for sale to determine the level of demand in the market.

When it comes to trading Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), the SALR can be used as an indicator of the demand for NFTs and the overall health of the NFT market. A high SALR indicates that there is strong demand for NFTs, and that the market is healthy and liquid. A low SALR, on the other hand, could indicate that demand for NFTs is weak and that the market is illiquid.

Traders can use the SALR as a tool to make more informed decisions when buying and selling NFTs. For example, if the SALR is high, it may be a good time to buy NFTs, as there is strong demand for them, and the market is healthy. Conversely, if the SALR is low, it may be a good time to sell NFTs, as the market may be less favorable for sellers.

It’s important to note that SALR is just one of the many metrics that traders use to evaluate the market, and it should be considered in conjunction with other factors such as historical prices, volatility, and trading volume.

You can find the sale-to-listing ratio at the top of our “Pro Trade” tab under each collection page. Here’s an example:

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