Exclusive NFT Data Strategic Partnership Announcement: NFTGo.io Partners with NFTSTAR

With the ongoing AFC Women’s Asian Cup and 24th Olympic Winter Games, this is a call for the sports lovers all over the world.

NFTSTAR is a community established by the support of worldwide sports professionals. Last December, they launched the very first NFT featuring Portuguese football legend Luís Figo and 200 NFT was sold out in 48 hours. Their second NFT is a collection starring Son Heung-min who is a South Korean professional footballer. We believe this will be an amazing kick to bring football enthusiasm as value-add to this asset class to boost NFT liquidity in the long-term.

Later with the hype of the community, we are looking forward to seeing different scenarios of NFTs in NFTSTAR’s sports metaverse.

We are delighted to announce the partnership with NFTSTAR. NFTGo will be the exclusive NFT data strategic cooperation partner of NFTSTAR. NFTGo’s Korean subsidiary will jointly cooperate to promote the exciting sports flow after NBA Top Shot and make it another success.


NFTSTAR is a Metaverse with a fan community and premium NFT marketplace featuring global stars and their stories. Powered by the parent company The9 Limited (Nasdaq: NCTY), a global diversified high-tech Internet enterprise, the NFTSTAR community platform covers superstars in various fields, including but not limited to sports, entertainment, art and celebrities in different industries.

Superstars’ digital collectibles will be offered with limited numbers on NFTSTAR platform .and its assigned marketplaces. Each NFT collectible has a unique record on the blockchain Polygon, and the users will obtain the ownership of the unique NFT collectible through purchase on the platform, or through trading on NFTSTAR’s marketplace and other assigned marketplaces including OpenSea.

NFTSTAR community platform aims to create a significant portal to the future metaverse through superstars’ NFT collections, trading, and community interaction. Last month, NFTSTAR has launched Luís Figo — Golden Generation NFTs, In 2022, they will release more premium NFTs, including Neymar Jr., Giannis Antetokounmpo and his brothers, Christian McCaffrey, Son Heung-Min, etc,.

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