Asian Pop Star NFT projects are ruling the market: PhantaBear Vs TheHeartProject

The NFT market is growing faster every day, and the NFT market is expanding internationally. New projects from all around the world are entering the space. A wave of Asia-based projects is joining the 11.53 Billion dollar ocean of capital.

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Asian NFTs shine

Cryptopunks, BAYC, cool cats, and many other NFT projects are US-based. With a few exceptions, the market has been dominated predominantly by NFT projects from the west. Now, the Asian culture is entering this space. The recent Eastern projects “PhantaBear” and “TheHeartProject” are taking the NFT market by storm. These projects are the newest hits in NFT charts.

PhantaBear is associated with the Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou, and TheHeartProject was launched by Hong Kong Canadian-born actor Edison Chen.


PhantaBear has flipped BAYC in trading volume. It’s been creating the highest volume amongst all the NFT projects. The project has created massive volume since its initial launch.

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TheHeartProject has generated more than $1.5 million in volume in the last 24 hours. This is almost nine times smaller than the PhantaBear collection.

We can analyze the overall momentum of the two projects by looking at the market cap and volume charts. The charts below show the market cap and volume created by the two projects. PhantaBear was launched in the early days of 2022 and TheHeartProject entered the market in late September 2021. Because of this, for analyzing the two projects in performance, we take the data from the first week after their initial entrance.

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An interestingly similar trend is present in both projects. The curves are following the same trends in market cap and volume. However, PhantaBear had over $45 M market cap in its first week, whereas TheHeartProject only had a $5.7 M market cap.

The charts below display the current state of these projects in the last 24 hours.

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For TheHeartProject, the market cap is following a steady trend. The volume number tends to be more volatile. The project has received 72% less volume than yesterday.

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PhantaBear’s market cap has grown almost four times as much as TheHeartProject. The volume has also grown by 27%. These charts from NFTGo illustrate the momentum and market dynamics for these two projects.

Holders and fans

These two projects are both coming from famous Asian celebrities. Their die-heart fans have rallied to make their favorite artists’ NFT projects successful.

PhantaBear has received a lot of attention from fans. From our observations at NFTGo, the PhantaBear holders have increased to almost 5,067. With the volume it has created, it’s no surprise that Whales are starting to pay more attention to this project.

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TheHeartProject has 5,539 holders in total and 19 Whales. The growth in the last seven days is less because the project has been here for a longer period. Nevertheless, the competition between these two projects in holders is pretty close.

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The profitability of a project shows its strength amongst other NFT projects. It’s an important metric that can tell us about the growth and potential of the project. Many NFT buyers buy large amounts of NFTs from a new collection to share the most upside possible in the project. By getting in early, these investors are willing to trade the risk for the enormous upside that comes from some NFT projects. NFTGo analyzes its strategy and profits using the Estimated Unrealized Profits (EST URP) metric.

The top holders chart from TheHearProject shows us the profits gained by the largest holders in the project. The first place sangbbm2.eth holds 84 Heart NFTs. This has given them a 194,800 profit on their investment.

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PhantaBears is reaching an immense trading volume. This means that a lot of the top holders are just joining the project. The largest PhantaBear holder holds 358 PhantaBears. The holding value is the sum of the latest sale price of their NFT (which in this case is the price the address paid for the NFT).

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By looking at the activity section of their profile on NFTGo, we can see that they minted 358 PhantaBears on December 31st 2021 before the project got mainstream attention.

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You can view all the other portfolios on NFTGo’s list and dive into their strategy for making profits on these projects.

Holding amount analysis

NFTGo allows for analyzing holding amount distribution for NFT projects. We can compare the holders of these two projects in holding NFT count. The latest information is always available on NFTGo’s website.

The chart below illustrates the holding amount distribution for these two projects. We can see that both are having similar diversity in holding amounts amongst their holder community.

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The price is an important factor in analyzing a project’s growth. NFTGo’s price charts give you information about the changes in average and floor price plus the trading frequency and also the Whale transactions all in one chart. We can get all the information we need from NFT prices by analyzing the charts in different periods.

During the last 24 hours, TheHeartProject has increased by 11.3% in average price. Although the floor price has decreased by more than this amount. This shows the large gap between the floor price and other sale events in the project. This is why the floor price data can sometimes be misleading. With clear charts that merge all the necessary data in one chart, you can find more robust patterns in price trends.

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PhantaBear has received a lot of hype and this can be the reason for the current steadiness in price. The project has had fewer pumps and dumps in price. The min and max price have an astonishing difference of almost 144 ETH. You can view the PhantaBear that sold for 148 ETH here.

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The next big trend

These two projects are showing clues of the beginning of a massive trend in this ecosystem. Both of these projects have been successful in many ways. The likes of PhantaBears and TheHeartProject are the pioneers of a new boom in NFTs.

NFTs are unstoppable. The NFT market is growing faster than ever. 2021 was the year for mostly west-based NFT projects shining and becoming “blue-chips”. This trend in NFT growth is continuing to grow geographically. There’s a huge potential in other parts of the world to enter the market.

Asia has the largest population in the world. NFTs gaining mainstream adoption from Asian countries can bring new momentum to this thriving ecosystem.

NFTGo is growing with the NFT market every step of the way. We provide the highest quality data analysis and visualization tools for NFT enthusiasts.




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