Hello, community,

Since there is some confusion between and NFT Go App, we would like to officially state that is NOT AFFILIATED with NFT Go App, and please be cautious before connecting your wallet with the “NFT Go App”. is only operating our website, and we do not have any mobile app at the moment.

According to many community members’ reports and app store reviews, the “NFT Go App” is likely an imposter app on Apple using our name and scamming users out of their money. They allow users to “purchase” NFTs on their app, but some users reported that they did not receive what they invested. Hence, we have already made steps to report this app to Apple.

Reviews on the APP store
Reviews on the APP store

Here are further actions are taking to tackle this situation:

  • We are applying for Twitter Official Account Verification
  • will be launching our official mobile app in 2023 always prioritizes safety and protects our community from NFT scams and fraud. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, please always contact our Community Managers for assistance on our official discord.



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