A Letter to NFTGo Community by Lowes, Founder of NFTGo

4 min readJul 12, 2023

Dear NFTGoer,

NFTGo is about to celebrate its second anniversary next month, and as we reflect on our journey, we are overwhelmed with emotions. From writing our very first line of code in January 2021 to witnessing the flourishing and fervor of the NFT market, and even enduring the current bear market. We have wholeheartedly dedicated ourselves to this revolution and earned the love of our valued users. We have always been steadfast in providing free NFT data and trading services. To this day, we have served over 200,000 NFT users with two years of uninterrupted free service, a feat unmatched by similar products. In fact, many products have never offered a single moment of free access.

NFTGo’s vision is「To be the world’s leading NFT Data Intelligence Provider」, while our mission is to 「Benefit everyone involved in trading and utilizing NFTs」. Despite the challenging bear market, we continue to listen to user feedback, iterate on our product features, and research innovative protocols such as NFTFi, AA, and ERC6551. Our team has written over 70 research articles, including three NFT Annual Reports, and all of them have been made freely available to the community.

Our love for the NFT community runs deep. Since the NFT Summer of 2021, our team has held numerous blue-chip NFTs without ever selling them, and we continue to actively engage with the community. We have established data partnerships with 1,250+ NFT projects and communities, providing them with free data services to assist in their growth and enhance their service to their own users.

However, we have come to realize that the free model falls short of enabling us to gain a precise understanding of user needs. It becomes challenging for us to test different features and strategies across various user groups and receive valuable feedback. This has presented difficulties in formulating our product strategy. Moreover, for a product to succeed, it inevitably needs to embrace a path toward commercialization, sustaining the provision of better products and services through continuous profits. Nevertheless, we have no intention of relying on selling advertisements as a means of generating revenue, as that would undermine the user experience and divert our focus away from refining our product.

Therefore, we have ultimately chosen the business model adopted by most popular products: subscription. We aspire for NFTGo to establish a deeper connection with our users — assist you in making optimal decisions in NFT trading, helping you earn greater profits, while only taking a minuscule portion as our revenue.

Our Premium Service is priced at $58 per month, which is half the cost of Nansen, one-third the cost of Nftnerds, and one-sixth the cost of Dune. At this price, you gain access to an all-in-one experience that includes real-time NFT data analytics, comprehensive project historical data, aggregated trading information, whale tracking, smart alerts, watchlist functionality, portfolio & PnL tracking, and much more. No longer have to jump back and forth between different platforms, with NFTGo, you can have an all-in-one solution. Furthermore, we will continue to listen to user suggestions, making NFTGo even smarter and an essential foundational product in the next bull market.

Rest assured, our commitment to providing a free version of NFTGo remains unwavering. The free version will continue to serve as a valuable resource for NFT enthusiasts, offering essential functionalities and access to a vast range of NFT data. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to explore and engage with the world of NFTs, and our free version will ensure just that.

Lastly, we want you to know that we genuinely love you CryptoPunks. It is you who have ignited the splendid chapter of NFTs. And together, we will witness the day when NFTs achieve mass adoption.

With heartfelt sincerity,

Lowes Founder&Chief Like Officer of NFTGo

About NFTGo

NFTGo aims to become the world’s leading NFT data intelligence provider and benefits everyone involved in trading and utilizing NFTs, driven by data science, AI, and blockchain technology.

Our all-in-one NFT analytics and trading platform is unrivaled in the market, empowering users to discover, analyze, trade, and track NFT portfolios with ease, ultimately resulting in higher profitability. NFTGo offers a suite of powerful tools and features including real-time NFT market analytics, trading aggregator, developers API, rarity model, top mints, whale tracking, watchlist, Twitter extension, drops calendar, and more. Moreover, we provide institutional clients with a comprehensive repository of aggregated NFT data and intelligence, ensuring their readiness for the next market uptick. Currently, our platform serves over 2000 institutional customers, 1000 communities, and 2 million retail users worldwide.

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To be the world's leading NFT data intelligence provider. 🔭 Benefit everyone involved in trading and utilizing NFTs. 📈