2022 Q2 Research Articles From NFTGo.io

We’ve moved our blog from here on Medium to a section on our website called “Research”. We don’t want to leave our readers on Medium out of the loop, so here’s a list of articles we posted in Quarter 2 since moving away from Medium. If interested in the previous articles, you can visit 2022 Q1 Research Articles From NFTGo for our Q1 recap.

Does Rarity Affect the Price of Blue Chip NFTs?

Through constructing a data analysis mechanism, we explored the correlation between NFT rarity and price, quantitatively analyzed NFT pricing power, and reassessed the impact of a rarity on price. At the same time, we further analyzed the characteristics of different collections based on dynamic factors such as their secondary market circulation time, project activity, and variability to help investors better plan their strategies and expectations of returns in the NFT market.

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Exploring Blue-Chip NFT projects: Traders, Curves, Timing, Costs, Profits

At a first glance at the NFT market’s growth, it might seem like the potential for maximum profits has already been taken away by the early adopters of Blue Chips that have bought a Punk of 0.02 ETH when one Ether was less than $100. However, the data from NFTGo shows us that there are unlimited strategies for profitable NFT investing today. This article explored how investing in profitable NFTs is not bound to only a single secret formula.

Minting promising NFT projects early on gives huge leverage to the investor. However, the leverage comes with a huge risk cost. The higher-than-average returns on investment are only possible through taking the risk of devouring capital. Meanwhile, market timing is important no matter what your strategy is. Good timing can make the difference between millions of profits or losses.

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Besides whales, what are the other types of NFT holders in the ocean?

In the crypto market, a whale refers to an entity that holds a large sum of specific tokens. It can be a person, an institution, or an exchange. For example, in the context of Bitcoin, a whale is an account holding 1,000 or more Bitcoins, including Pantera Capital and Fortress Investment Group. In a broader sense, an NFT whale is an address with a position of over $1 million. Not only do the whales make their own profits, but they also influence the way investors trade NFTs.

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NFTGo Announces Updated Analytics Page And Homepage Redesign

Our new homepage provides a snapshot of market activity and volatility including market cap and volume by collection, volatility, whale tracking, fear and greed index, new releases, top sales, and more. We get right into the nitty-gritty numbers making it easy to identify the greatest opportunities and increase your odds and profits. Be the first to know about the top trending projects, leaderboard, and hidden gems. Get in on the hottest new projects before they launch, and let us do the research for you.

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Moonbirds Analysis: More than PFPs

When the market volume is not high, the emergence of explosive NFT projects like Moonbirds will have a short-term impact on other projects in the market. When market sentiment is high, we can also pay attention to the fluctuation of the floor price of blue-chip and sub-blue-chip projects. The craze of Moonbirds has also brought us our thoughts on the practicality of NFTs. The Pass+PFP style is becoming a new trend. The innovation in staking is one aspect, it may leverage greater benefits with community and resources.

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NFT Fashion: Fans, Culture, and New Consumption

In recent years, the fashion industry has stepped into the digital era following the trend of the times. As demographics change, the powerhouse of consumption has slowly shifted into Gen Z. Among the fashion brands involved in the NFT space, there are established fashion companies as well as emerging projects that specialize in digital fashion. Possible ways of integrating fashion with NFT are limitless. From the basic combination of NFT IP with fashion to the conversion of virtual brands into reality, NFT is subtly reshaping the current economic model.

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Otherside: Connecting the dots

  • Recently, Yuga Labs projects such as BAYC, MAYC and ApeCoin have seen substantial gains, thus creating a good start for Otherside’s market debut, which will potentially make Koda a new blue chip.
  • Otherside’s token ApeCoin currently outperforms all other metaverse projects in terms of market value. The token is designed to be scalable, and the interoperability of tokens across games will drive the value of Otherside. In addition, with SDKs, Otherside is able to enhance customization within MetaRPG.
  • The launch of Otherside means that Yuga Labs is unfolding its plans in the metaverse, and its partnership with Animoca will add to Yuga Labs’ presence. In the future, Otherside may focus on the reuse value and utility of lands rather than leaving them as idle assets.
  • Yuga Labs’ collections have been performing quite well thus far, accounting for 20% of the total market cap. The discourse power of these IPs will serve as Yuga Labs’ weapons to construct an identity-based world.

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How to keep your NFTs safe?

Over the last few years, the NFT ecosystem has gained a lot of public awareness. As a result, we have seen growth in the number of users, transactions, market cap, and volume. You can visit the analytics page on our website to take a look at these numbers for yourself. Furthermore, this interest has fueled demand for NFTs with collectors now looking more so now than ever to purchase blue-chip projects.

This article is aimed at providing suitable tips to help you secure your wallet, protect you against phishing/hacks and safeguard your NFT assets.

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NFTGo Announces New Metrics for Blue Chip And Holder Trends

When analyzing NFT projects and identifying the alpha, blue chip metrics and holder info are two essential dimensions people look into. In this article, we will introduce two new features that NFTGo recently updated, including blue chip metrics and holder trends. Let’s dive in.

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Analyzing ENS: Becoming an Identity for Digital Resources

  • The ENS market cap rose 114% in a week, and its trading volume over the past two weeks is greater than all previous transactions combined. Over 389,000 unique addresses hold one million domains, averaging out to about three per address.
  • On April 26th, a domain name was sold for an exorbitant price, which triggered a war of numeric domains and the third wave of ENS hype. Popular ENS domain names share similar characteristics such as being three- or four-digit, special numbers, sequential, etc.
  • The prices of ENS domain names of famous trademarks and IPs will gradually match their actual values. There’s plenty of room for Web3 domain names to grow in the future.
  • In addition to the hype factor, ENS domains still offer the values of NFT and new approaches to DAO.

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GameFi Tokenomics and P2E Asset Holding Trends

So, GameFi comes with the Web3 mentality, a videogame and marketplace for and by the community, where players can earn and trade tokens for whatever digital asset they want. And most importantly, have the custody of their own assets.

It’s worth mentioning that you should always see GameFi as a “game” which you can make profits from but don’t look at it as a job, why? Because games are made to be enjoyed and that should remain their main purpose. Recently, people have been getting rekt because they think that the main purpose of GameFi is to feed their pockets, which it’s not. If you’re a top player and you get rewards from it, good! But if not, take this into consideration.

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How Are Diamond Hands Reacting To The Current Market Sentiment?

The recent macro shocks in the Cryptocurrency market have transformed the sentiment around speculative assets. According to NFTGo.io, the NFT market sentiment has been down in response to this crash.

Let’s explore one of the critical dynamics unique to the NFT market: Diamond Hand Holders.

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NFT Marketplaces: Blue or Red Ocean?

At the end of the day, customers will win because of this Red Ocean. Devs will have to work harder to gain some market share and volume. Remember that volume is important to investors, it determines the number of flippers/traders that could potentially exist in a determined market.

The good thing is that the NFT exchanges are defining frontiers, so every marketplace will be for a specific target market. Hopefully, we will see more integration and diversification between blockchains and the arrival of new web3 adopters.

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The NFT Market Cycle: Bubble, Hype, and Utility

Market sentiment always comes and goes like waves. While it is possible to recognize the phase of the NFT market, the prospects and the ceiling of the market cap cannot be predicted.

The NFT market is still within the billion-dollar range, which means there is still plenty of room for market cap development compared to other tracks in the crypto market, such as the De-Fi. Just like how the crypto market went through different stages of hype, the bubble burst, survival, and applications to reach its trillion-dollar benchmark, early development stages often come with hype bubbles, but a legendary upsurge will follow. Therefore, the rule of thumb when facing emerging technologies is to be aware but also remain confident in innovations. This way you will always stay up to date with the latest trends.

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NFT Style Overview: The Goblintown Craze

A collection may have a simple style, but the context behind every one of its NFTs is not to be underestimated. With the gradual development and maturity of the NFT market, cultural collision will introduce more independent and outstanding projects to people’s eyes. However, the project style will always remain a constant as it brings together artists, partakers, and web3. We believe that only the best styles will withstand the challenges of the market and thus grow according to its own pace. Over time, the NFT market is bound to flourish and evolve to be more diverse and inclusive.

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Redefining Social Media: How Far Are We From Web3?

SocialFi, DAO, and NFTs have provided room for imagination with applications. This is a golden opportunity for social media dedicated to Web3, but not necessarily for traditional Web2 social media. Seeing the rapid emergence and development of Web3 social products, traditional social media will only face bigger challenges.

The way of self-help is to bind interests with Web3 through NFTs to obtain a Web3 user base and prevent it from being eliminated from the market. At the same time, using NFT as a weapon is the only way to form a threat to competitors.

In the future, content distribution models and interactive experiences will change. Only when these scenarios happen can we officially determine the commencement of the Web3 era: when NFTs and DAOs are fully integrated into the SocialFi system when the metaverse takes shape, and when people rethink and redefine the term “social media”. By then, the term will also become history.

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Entering NFT “Postmodernism”: ill poop it nft and ShitBeast

The bear market is now witnessing a mushrooming of collections that pride themselves on being “ugly, evil and weird”. Their sudden and abrupt emergence has made people wonder about the consensus they match with. It may have been caused by discontent with the market as most NFTs are currently at a loss. These NFTs can evoke resonance and emotional consensus in such situations by mocking others. However, as ShitDeployer continues to upgrade its rules while making its way to the top of the market, will it eventually become the NFT it once despised? We shall keep watching.

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NFTGo.io Upgrades with Real-Time NFT Listing Data

There are hundreds of thousands of transactions happening in the NFT market every day. Identifying the best buy and sell prices of NFTs in real-time will help you make smarter investment decisions. NFTGo.io now offers real-time data, including NFT price change, listing information, along with time-sensitive metrics to enrich your trading journey. Let’s look closer at the upgrades!

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How are Blue-Chip NFTs Performing in the Bear Market?

In this article, we went over how the Blue-Chips NFTs have been impacted by the bearish crypto market. The NFT market is one of the most promising new sectors and Blue-Chip NFTs have a high potential for future growth. Aside from the hype cycle and the bubble we have experienced, NFTs still have a long way to go in expressing their fullest value in the markets.

We are constantly researching the latest dynamics in the NFT market and following the latest trends. This is our first article in the series of analysis reports we’ll share about the bear market. Be sure to tune into the latest insights into the NFT market. Meanwhile, you can monitor the latest real-time data of the NFT market right here on the NFTGo.io website.

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How NFTs are Changing the Sports Industry: The Association NFT, Curry Brand, and Basketball Headz

The discovery of commercial value cannot be separated from the exploration of NFT attributes. NFT’s collectible attribute spawned NBA Top Shot; identity verification attribute spawned VIP Pass; game attribute spawned sports-related games like Sorare, and PFP community attribute spawned PFP communities based on superstar-centric consensus.

Currently, the sports industry is merely experimenting with NFTs. As more businesses transfer to Web3, and with the development of multi- and cross-chain technology, an entertainment ecosystem might await us in the future.

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How Whales Buy the Bottom of a Market Crash

Whales’ preferences when buying at the bottom: Bored Ape Yacht Club > other Yuga Labs’ projects > other blue chips and emerging projects. The exact type and price of purchase are correlated with capital size.

Among whales with a capital size of more than $500,000, some focus on only one collection, while others adhere to a diversified combination. The majority of whales are willing to spend from $100,000 to $250,000, but their costs vary.

Whales share a number of strategies in common, such as buying in batches and buying more when prices fall. Each of them also has its own secrets to maximizing the outcome.

The whale buys into BAYC based on the range of price drop. For every 10% slump, it would buy 1 NFT. Plus, this whale also bought NFTs of different rarities by category.

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That’s it for our Q2 recap. We will still be posting here on the medium. If you want to stay up to date, please check the research section on our website for the newest article.



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