2022 Q2 Research Articles From NFTGo.io

  • Otherside’s token ApeCoin currently outperforms all other metaverse projects in terms of market value. The token is designed to be scalable, and the interoperability of tokens across games will drive the value of Otherside. In addition, with SDKs, Otherside is able to enhance customization within MetaRPG.
  • The launch of Otherside means that Yuga Labs is unfolding its plans in the metaverse, and its partnership with Animoca will add to Yuga Labs’ presence. In the future, Otherside may focus on the reuse value and utility of lands rather than leaving them as idle assets.
  • Yuga Labs’ collections have been performing quite well thus far, accounting for 20% of the total market cap. The discourse power of these IPs will serve as Yuga Labs’ weapons to construct an identity-based world.
  • On April 26th, a domain name was sold for an exorbitant price, which triggered a war of numeric domains and the third wave of ENS hype. Popular ENS domain names share similar characteristics such as being three- or four-digit, special numbers, sequential, etc.
  • The prices of ENS domain names of famous trademarks and IPs will gradually match their actual values. There’s plenty of room for Web3 domain names to grow in the future.
  • In addition to the hype factor, ENS domains still offer the values of NFT and new approaches to DAO.



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