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We’ve moved our blog from here on Medium over to a section on our website called “Research,” which you can visit here. We don’t want to leave our readers on medium out of the loop so here’s a list of articles that we posted in Quarter 1 since moving away from Medium.

How Do NFTs Revolutionize the Digital Fashion Industry?

RTFKT (pronounced “Artifact”) is a creator-led and digitized sneaker manufacturer, which uses the latest in-game engines, NFT, and blockchain to build a metaverse-focused brand. According to Benoit Pagotto, one of the co-founders, RTFKT wants to combine fashionable streetwear with the world of gaming. Creating NFTs is a great way to achieve that since they are cultural collectibles by nature. Metajackets, Decentraland wearables, and forging events all aligned with this philosophy and helped build a brand that could help inspire a new generation of creators and designers.

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Announcing NFTGo.io New Feature: Portfolio Analysis

Recognizing better ways of allocating capital is key to unlocking profits. Portfolio analysis aims to facilitate data-driven decision-making and hedging against risks.

NFTGo’s portfolio tracking feature is a game-changer, presenting comprehensive data analysis techniques to NFT investors and enthusiasts.

The features divide into four categories:

  • Overview
  • NFT
  • Stats
  • Activity

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NFT Market Overview amid the Ukraine Crisis and Crypto Market Downturn

Understanding the influential parameters driving the NFT market assists investors in mitigating risks and making strategic bets with high profits. The uncertain geopolitical situation in Ukraine is impacting many asset classes and the riskier assets like cryptocurrencies and NFTs are experiencing the largest crash in the past few months.

This article explores:

  • How dependent are NFT prices on the cryptocurrency market?
  • How can we leverage the data from other markets to make strategic investment decisions?
  • What’s the Blue Chip collection’s performance during this crisis?

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AMA Recap — — NFTGo.io Annual Report 2022 NFT

We held an AMA in Twitter space to discuss our 2022 annual report, in case you missed it, we wrote a nice little recap to go over all of the questions and answers.

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Monthly Market Review and Insights: February 2022

The immersive progress of the NFT market in the past year has resulted in huge profits beyond every stock market. However, it seems that the market has calmed down since last month. As we dive into the market data, we could find out the reasons and lay down strategies.

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How To Make An NFT: A Beginner’s Guide

We created a simple step-by-step guide on how one can get started with creating their first NFT collection. Our process takes you all the way through from choosing your asset to putting your NFT up for bid.

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Six Key Trends Happening Right Now on Blue Chip NFTs

During the first week of March, the market was trying to figure out the optimal way to react to the geopolitical landscape. This caused a huge downfall in stock prices and cryptocurrencies, and the NFT market has been hit by this situation as well.

This article analyzes the surprising performance of Blue Chip NFTs, as well as summarizes the market trends.

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CryptoPunks vs BAYC, Who won the Blue Chip Battle?

This article takes an in-depth analysis of two of the biggest collections to date:

  • Yuga Labs’ acquisition of CryptoPunks and Meebits IP revealed the copyright issue in the NFT world.
  • CryptoPunks were massively hyped during NFT summer and in the face of a decline in the market, the average price had dropped by 61.40%, while the floor price remained steady.
  • Despite the major downturn of ETH, BAYC valuations were not as much affected by the cryptocurrency price and kept their value, the average price has 88% growth compared with three months ago, and the floor price is also going up now.

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How To Buy The NFT Dip

Since the market took a little dip in March we decided to write a piece about how one may want to react in that kind of market. Please remember we are not financial advisors and this article does not contain financial advice.

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Real-World Benefits Of NFTs

The world of NFTs does not revolve only around art and collectibles. It spans various categories, and each NFT undertakes a value based on a multitude of things.

NFTs can be created for purely artistic or collectible purposes, or they can be assigned a certain application when created, providing a tangible utility. Some widely implemented applications for NFTs today take the form of access such as memberships to private clubs/groups, voting power towards future developments of collections, early announcements for airdrops or new artists’ releases, etc.

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From MVP to MVD: The Evolution of Web3 Mindset

The concept of MVP was first introduced by Eric Ries in Lean Startup. It refers to developing a product prototype with a minimal build time while still offering sufficient features. By testing the product in the actual market, developers can then make improvements accordingly to suit market needs.

It’s all about experimenting and upgrading. Find out what consumers want, and make that happen — through your products. If done right, this will surely bring in more users.

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That’s it for our Q1 recap, we will still be posting here on the medium from time to time but if you want to stay up to date with our blog check the research section on our website.




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