2022 Q1 Research Articles From NFTGo

  • Overview
  • NFT
  • Stats
  • Activity
  • How dependent are NFT prices on the cryptocurrency market?
  • How can we leverage the data from other markets to make strategic investment decisions?
  • What’s the Blue Chip collection’s performance during this crisis?
  • Yuga Labs’ acquisition of CryptoPunks and Meebits IP revealed the copyright issue in the NFT world.
  • CryptoPunks were massively hyped during NFT summer and in the face of a decline in the market, the average price had dropped by 61.40%, while the floor price remained steady.
  • Despite the major downturn of ETH, BAYC valuations were not as much affected by the cryptocurrency price and kept their value, the average price has 88% growth compared with three months ago, and the floor price is also going up now.



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